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  • A friendly welcome to Gouda Cross-Country Skiing Club for Cross-Country Skiing, Roller Skiing and Nordic Sports

    On our beautiful cross-country skiing course in Gouda, you can prepare in the Netherlands with skis for the cross-country season. In addition to flat ski tracks, we have different hills for climbing and descending techniques. From October to March, the synthetic tracks are open. Here you can learn cross-country skiing and training.

    You can work on your fitness throughout the year. On skis, with roller skis, Nordic walking, Nordic sports, cycling and running.

  • The cross-country skiing circuit

    Gouda Cross Country Club has a beautiful synthetic cross-country ski run. There are more than 800 meters of tracks on the field in the Groenhoven Park. The hills are covered with mats to descend and brake. There is also a track for the skating technique. We even have a biathlon course to shoot with laser guns.

    Cross-country skiing on our synthetic track is a good preparation for a cross-country skiing holiday in the snow. Come for the first time, then follow a clinic or training course. Open cross-country skiing is also possible if you are used to the track.



    The hills are 1.5 meters to 5 meters high and offer ample opportunities to learn the various techniques. Also for advanced, there are enough opportunities to improve technic and fitness. All hills are connected to cross-country ski tracks. For beginners, there is a flat warmup track.


    Ski hut

    In the ski hut, there is a changing room, with toilets and lockers. Additionally, you can get admission tickets, coffee, tea and chocolate milk.



    For protection, it is compulsory to wear gloves and it is advisable to wear easy-wearing and body-covering clothing.


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  • Cross-country skiing

    Cross-country skiing is moving on cross-country skis in the snow. There are two techniques: Classic and Skating.

    In the classical technique, you "walk" as it were in the tracks. With ski poles, you support the set off movement of your legs, causing you to slide. This is the diagonal stride.

    If you are going to skate, you push sideways, similar to skating.

    Cross-country skiing is a technical sport. The better you can find the set off moment and your forward stance, you move forwards faster.


    At all levels

    Cross-country skiing can be done at any level and it is a sport where everyone can participate. Important is that you have fun and enjoy the surroundings.


    The skis

    In classic technic, we use skis that are about 10 cm longer than the user. Beginners often start with grip skis. The scales make sure you can set off better and go forwards. Advanced skiers get smooth skis which need a better technic to set off, but you can slide better in the descent. Consult the trainer for what you need!

    Poles come under the armpits. Shoes sit comfortably.

    With skating technic, one uses skis that are about 10cm shorter than your body length. Skating skis are smooth and have a sharp side that allow you to set off well. We use special skating shoes. Poles come to shoulder height.


    Open day

    The cross-country club organizes 3 times a year an open day where you can follow an introduction lesson. The lesson is intended as a short introduction, to test whether cross-country skiing is something for you and how the cross-country tracks feel.

  • A course consists of five lessons of an hour. A workshop consists of one class of two hours.

    Each begins with a warm-up and ends with a cooling-down. In addition, attention is paid to some strength and balance exercises.

    The lessons are always at the same time over five consecutive weeks. You have the same instructor as much as possible.

    The cross-country skiing lessons are always given regardless of the weather. Only weather conditions when the track is unusable (like in the case of ice) is an exception. In the event of thunderstorms the classes will be halted. At the end of the last cross-country class the instructor discusses your progress. There is also an advice for any subsequent course. Do the same course again or take a step more difficult.

    The courses are on Saturday, Sunday and possibly on Wednesday evening.



    In addition, you can join as a member a training where you continue to improve your skills and work on your fitness. And if you want to do more there are also special marathon trainings. You need at least the B-class to be able to do this.


    Marathon training

    The marathon training on Saturday afternoon prepares you for a long marathon. This training is not all on the track but there is also roller skiing, cycling, Nordic sport. This way you train your long-term stamina and sport-specific attributes you need during a long marathon.



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  • Roller skiing

    Roller skiing is an alternative training form for cross-country skiing. At the cross-country ski club we roller ski in the summer (skating). In winter we do roller skiing classic and skate. If you like nature and are you looking forward to outdoor activities, roller skiing is a sport for you!

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  • Nordic Walking

    Cross-country skiing club Gouda teaches Nordic Walking, a form of sportive walking with special walking sticks and a technique similar to cross-country skiing. Nordic walking therefore fits well with the cross-country ski club. Walking with the special walking sticks calls for good coordination of the arms and legs, a good set off and a good foot technique. Nordic walking makes sportive walking more effective.

    By using special walking sticks, back, shoulder, arm and muscle are used intensively during Nordic walking. With a well-executed technique, a greater training effect is achieved, but the load you experience does not increase. During the Nordic walking, the joint's load is less and you do not get thick fingers when walking.

    In order to really benefit from Nordic walking, learning the right technique is very important.

    Cross-country Club Gouda organizes Nordic walking courses for members and non-members. In general, there is a course of four lessons of 75 minutes after the introduction classes Nordic walking by our open days. A course will take place with at least 5 participants. After the course, you can join the Nordic Walking and monthly walks. Throughout the year (except one month in the summer) members can participate in Nordic walking on Monday and / or Wednesday evening.

  • Condition training

    Cross-country skiing is a sport where good fitness is important. Many cross-country skiing enthusiasts work on their condition throughout the year and often do other endurance sport in addition to cross-country skiing. The cross-country skiing club Gouda offers a variety of sports activities. This way you can work out your fitness throughout the year by participating in the running training / fitness training or the Nordic sports training: Training the torso stability. Also in the summer months (in addition to roller skiing) you can go mountain biking, tour cycling or recreational cycling.